Details: Open Up Champagne Flute 7oz / 200ml

£0.60 each

Open Up Champagne Flute 7oz / 200ml

Guarantee your guests an unforgettable tasting experience by pouring bubbly into these Chef and Sommelier champagne glasses. Expertly designed with a pointed base and wider top, the bowl of these Open Up champagne flutes will preserve bubbles while releasing aromas and unlocking flavours. Contemporary angled bowl design gives your champagne service a modern feel. Pointed base encourages a stream of fine bubbles and retain fizz. This modern shape is incredibly comfortable to hold, tylish and sophisticated. No celebration is complete without C&S champagne flutes.


Notes and usage

All of our glassware is supplied cleaned, polished and ready for use.

A fine dining quality range of glasses, available in large sizes and suitable for your very special event.