Details: Open Up Wine Goblet 13oz / 379ml

£0.60 each

Open Up Wine Goblet 13oz / 379ml

Thanks to an impressive design, which includes a wide bowl and sharp angles, the glasses effortlessly aerate wine to release deep and rich flavours. No matter if you're serving sweet white or full-bodied red, this design is sure to improve taste and give your guests a truly gourmet experience. And this design is key to the glasses' stylish looks too - with a unique and elegant shape that is sure to improve any bar or table presentation. The sharp-angled bowl helps to further aerate when swirling wine, the wide bowl improves wines' surface area to develop a deeper flavour and the funnelled rim trap aromas within the glass. Contemporary design adds an eye-catching look to your table or bar presentation


Notes and usage

All of our glassware is supplied cleaned, polished and ready for use.

A fine dining quality range of glasses, available in large sizes and suitable for your very special event.