Details: Dance Floor - Interlocking Parquet

£0.70 each

Dance Floor - Interlocking Parquet

Dance Floor - Interlocking Parquet (price per sq. ft.)


Notes and usage

This traditional wooden dance floor is idea for Weddings, parties & marquees and uses a special locking system, meaning we can assemble most sizes of floor in under an hour. It comes with metal edging for a neat finish and will never come apart during use.

Our most common sizes are 12ft x 12ft for up to 80 guests,15ft x 15ft for up to 150 guests and 21ft x 21ft for up to 200 guests.

For 12ft x 12ft you wil require 144 sq.ft.

For 15ft x 15ft you wil require 225 sq.ft

For 21ft x 21ft you wil require 441 sq.ft

(panels are 3 ft x 3 ft each therefore please order in multiples of 9 sq.ft)

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