Details: Glass Tea Cup

£0.40 each

Glass Tea Cup

Looking for a modern and stylish alternative to your traditional tea cup? These glasses will transform the way you serve your hot drinks - their clear design showcases the rich and vibrant colours of your finest teas, coffees or hot chocolates, creating an appealing presentation your customers will love. These glass cups have the strength to match the style too. Made from toughened glass, they're highly resistant to chips and cracks as well as thermal shock - this means they can be washed time and time again without any loss of quality. Because they're glasswasher-safe as well, cleaning is a breeze. It saves you time and effort, while ensuring they are back in service as quickly as possible.


Notes and usage

  • Suitable for Hot And Cold drinks
  • 24cl / 9 cm dimater
  • All of our glassware is supplied cleaned, polished and ready for use